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“STAMPEDE!” Isaiah yells as the herd heads straight at his and Ethan’s tent…  

Twelve-year-old Isaiah Rawlings wished for only one thing this summer, a camping trip outside of Kentucky. I’m so tired of camping in my backyard, he groaned. Isaiah pleads with his parents to reconsider their usual summer trip to dusty old museums and big cities.

When his dad unexpectedly announces a trip to Grand Teton National Park, Isaiah is ecstatic! On the second night of camping, He wakes to a thunderous noise that grows louder and louder. The ground begins to tremble. Earthquake?! Isaiah scrambles from his tent…

When Isaiah, his cousin Ethan, and sister Sadie investigate the next morning, tracks lead them back to a broken fence. As they scan the surrounding area, something seems off…Why? More than one set of tracks lead into the park. Was this stampede accidental or is there more to the story? 

Join The Campground Kids as they work together to solve their first mystery in Grand Teton National Park.

“Get behind me!” Isaiah shouts, as the branches are snapping…“Something’s coming!”

Discovering their newfound tradition and love for camping at the Grand Tetons, The Campground Kids anticipate their next adventure—exploring the Great Smoky Mountains National Park.

Shortly after they arrive, the family receives bear encounter training. The Campground Kids soon understand why camping in the Smoky Mountains comes with great responsibility...

Maddie screams.

“Get her quiet!” Isaiah yells over his shoulder. Though Sadie is close to screaming herself, she puts her hand over Maddie’s mouth.

Isaiah stands tall and readies his pocketknife as the brush ahead begins to part. Remembering his training, he lets out a battle cry…

When put to the test, will Isaiah's knowledge and crafty skills save them from the dangers of the park’s deep forest?


When Isaiah’s dad is hired to print 3D dinosaur bones, his family is invited to join him. On this trip, the kids are glamping—enjoying the luxury of an RV instead of camping in tents.

Attending a park-sponsored stargazing event, Isaiah, Sadie, and Ethan overhear a ranger tell his favorite legend of a gold mine hidden in Zion. While exploring the park, they venture off to investigate an intriguing narrow path. Unexpectedly, they stumble across a carving on a stone face. 

“10N 25F 5B 11N 7S 3D,” Isaiah reads. What is it?

“Looks like ancient Indian lettering to me,” Ethan says.

Was this just some historic carving or is it somehow connected to the treasure? Were others searching for the gold mine as well? What secrets are hidden within the canyons and mountains of Zion?

Join The Campground Kids as they embark on this exciting treasure hunt at Zion National Park.

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I recommend this product

Great Adventure for Elementary and Middle School Kids

Campground Kids brings National Parks alive with excitement and adventure. I loved Zion Gold Rush. The main characters became spies on their adventure to help protect the park. The setting in the story also comes to life, making you want to visit the park someday to experience what the main characters experienced. Imagining the stary night that the characters talked about makes me yearn to see that part of the country. I loved that the story taught values that all children should need, and it is done in an exciting adventure out west. This would be a great read for elementary and middle school students. Sheila Martin Liberty Middle School Librarian

United States United States
I recommend this product


I’ve been on a quest to find books that are engaging and based on the outdoors to encourage my outdoor loving son to read more. These books are perfect! He loves being able to read about places he’s been before and can’t wait for the next two to arrive.

Karen P.
United States United States
I recommend this product

I bought them for our 3 grandsons, ages 12-8 & I read the first one & really enjoyed it! I w/see them soon & encourage all of them to read all of them! Thank you

United States United States
I recommend this product

Great series

I purchased this the book series for my granddaughter because we are going to the Tetons this summer. She loves reading. I wanted to see what the books were about before I gave them to her so I read all three of them myself. I have to admit it was very fun to read young adult books again. It went fast but I’m looking forward to books 4&5 coming in the mail and I’ve already voted for the next five parks to be written about. I love the relationship between the three kids and enjoy the mystery that they find along the way. It’s very refreshing. Great series!!!

Margi R.
United States United States
I recommend this product

Enjoyed very much

These books are perfect for my 10 yr old grandson to read to his 5 yr old brother. We love camping. Thank you

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