Shipping & Handling

Handling takes between 1-2 business days and shipping economy is 2 - 8 days depending on location. We ask that you wait at least 10 business days before requesting a look into a lost package. If USPS tracking shows movement of the package, but its been over 10 days, we shift to phase 2. 
Phase 2: 
If there is no movement of the package, but we can see a location, we will attempt to reach USPS. If there are no tracking updates or if the package is in transit, we have seen instances where it can take up to 20 business days to deliver (In the worst cases during COVID). 
We are here to support you and ensure safe delivery of your items. Unfortunately, from time to time, we run into instances as outlined by Phase 2. We guarantee safe delivery of all products to our guests. We are here to create a positive book shopping experience with our customers. 
If you believe your package was lost in transit or for any other shipping issue, please reach out to: so we can fix the lost shipment.

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