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C.R. Fulton is an artist residing in the hills of Kentucky with her wonderful husband of 18 years and two beautiful children. If she isn’t cooking up a, from scratch confection, she is probably out for a walk with her 90 pound American Bulldog and kids. Living out in the boondocks has taught her resourcefulness, grit, and adoration for God.

If it can be done different, backwards, or sideways, this family is probably doing it! Off grid living, solar and wind power, raising what you eat, making soap and cheese, and you just never know what might happen next! This author offers bright, fresh perspectives on faith, life, and being happy.

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The Campground Kids (3-Pack)
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The Campground Kids (3-Pack)C.R. Fulton 50 reviews
Grand Teton Stampede
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Grand Teton StampedeC.R. Fulton 2 reviews
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The Campground Kids (5 - Pack)
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The Campground Kids (5 - Pack)C.R. Fulton 22 reviews