The Getaway Lost in Time (Book #7)

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A wholesome family mystery series for kids!

Even the address might freak you out. Who would ever want to live on Sidewinder Lane?

The name should tip you off that something weird had happened. And whatever the weirdness was, it had jumped on to the front page of The Daily Pilot. That same morning, in fact.

Already, a seriously smart person had figured out the “what.” As to the who, how, where and when, well. . . that will be up to the mystery searchers. . .

A brave, lost mongrel had tipped the twins off earlier that morning, saving them from a high-country predator—a dangerous mountain lion. A microchip identified the dog and a possible address: Sidewinder Lane. Until recently, anyway.

If the mystery searchers can't connect the dots, a crime will go unanswered. Danger alert: Someone could be getting desperate.

And then there’s a heist that occurred half a century ago—still unsolved. And forgotten by time.

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