The Ghost in the County Courthouse (Book #2)

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A wholesome family mystery series for kids!

So, uh, okay. Wait! I mean… a ghost? No way. They don’t exist, right?

Right. In that case, who’s ripping off precious relics from the Yavapai Courthouse Museum? How does this—this, well, whatever it is—how does it bypass the museum’s security system?

And while we’re at it, how does the “specter” walk through locked doors and windows? As in seriously locked, and always in the middle of the night in a spooky, century-old building. It’s enough to freak you right out!

If the “ghost” strikes again, the museum’s very future is in doubt. A mystifying game of cat and mouse ensues as the mystery searchers play detective. . . good, old-fashioned sleuthing is paired with a range of high-tech devices to beat the strange intruder at its—his?—own game. It’s a thrilling ride but time is running out!

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