The Hunt for the Elusive Mastermind (Book #8)

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A wholesome family mystery series for kids!

Wait a sec. I mean, how could that even happen? Who told the gang about the money? And those Bronx accents, that's another thing. Did the men really come all the way to little old Prescott... from New York City... to execute a perfect kidnapping?

Then there's the mystery man who arrives late to the party. Who is he and what's his role? Is he the elusive mastermind, or is it someone else? (Just the idea of it gives Kathy a headache.) Is he the one responsible for such an elaborate plan? If so, he must be one very smart individual, indeed - he manages to fool the FBI and Detective Ryan.

The mystery searchers take on one of their most dramatic cases ever. As usual, the foursome utilizes technology to break the case wide open, but Pete's impulsiveness gets him into a world of trouble. Then, finally, the car door opens and there sits the elusive mastermind! Who would have ever guessed his identity?

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