The Mystery on Apache Canyon Drive

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A wholesome family mystery series for kids!

“What? Wait! Is that a little girl running onto the highway? Right in front of us? Oh my gosh!

Only a hair-raising rescue can save a small child from certain death, but who is the mystery girl? Where did she come from? What happened to her family? Why is she out in Arizona’s rugged canyon country, just outside Prescott, all by herself?

What happens to her if there are no answers?

Is one mystery about to become two? How is that even possible? Are the two connected? Now, our four young detectives must connect the dots, otherwise. . .

The "mystery searchers" are born, but are they about to step straight into danger?

Good, old-fashioned sleuthing and a range of hi-tech tools are deployed in a clean, wholesome crime story: drones, web-enabled cameras, listening bugs, GPS tools and more. . . much more! In this series, you will step into the modern-day heart of Arizona’s Old West with our young detectives: high desert rolling hills, pine-dotted mountains and the immense Prescott National Forest; the famous old Opera House; Whiskey Row (not what you’d think); Yavapai County Courthouse and Skull Valley.

Deserted mansions, lonely valleys, and hidden treasures. . . action and adventure, crime and mystery, clean and wholesome. This is a ride you won’t want to miss!

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