The Secrets of the Mysterious Mansion

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A wholesome family mystery series for kids!

“Heidi, are you serious? You want us to visit a hidden mansion—a deserted one, deep in the forest, shrouded by trees—at midnight!”

It is freezing in Arizona’s high country, but something seriously weird is happening. . . something that draws the Jackson twins into a bitter cold night. “Wait! Are those lights?” Intruders! Who are they? What do they want? Why are they there?

And most intriguing. . . what happened to the former residents? They walked away decades earlier and left everything behind. It’s a time capsule, lost for decades. And then there’s the garage.

The mystery searchers deploy high-tech solutions in a search for answers, but they’re running up against the clock. Danger alert! What happens if the midnight intruders realize they aren’t alone. . . that someone is spying on them?

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