The Treasure of Skull Valley (Book #5)

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A wholesome family mystery series for kids!

“Oh, I can’t believe it!” Suzanne cried, gulping for air.

Hang on! A treasure map, fluttering out of an old book? Leading to Skull Valley, twelve miles west of Prescott, deep into high desert country? With a message from whomever drew the map? “Please help,” he or she penned.

What could be more thrilling?

A fifty-year old mystery surfaces, decades after it baffled city authorities. And there’s a grieving family too. So many questions. Who and how? When and where? What on earth happened all those years ago?

Will the treasure help solve a mystery forgotten by time? If not, it will be forgotten forever.

The mystery searchers utilize the power and reach of the Internet to trace the movement of people and events. . . half a century earlier!

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