The Vanishing in Deception Gap

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A wholesome family mystery series for kids!

How can one man—surrounded by two dozen fellow workers—flat-out vanish into thin air? Just. . . gone. Like he never existed. And no one seems to care.

But not before he sends a strange text message to Kathy. "Pirates are operating out here and they’re dangerous. I can’t prove it, not yet, but I need your help. Please call asap."

And she doesn’t even know the guy!

What on earth is happening at Deception Gap Railroad Yard? With the help of a hi-tech drone - not to mention Heidi Hoover and Detective Joe Ryan - the mystery searchers embark on a baffling search for the missing man. But who did the deed? Is it too late? Has "Beau" vanished. . . forever?

Danger alert! If our young detectives persevere, could they disappear too?

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