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Finally, a kids chapter books series geared around camping, and this book series is all about National Park camping adventures.

This series is ideal for 8 - 12-year-old boys and girls, though we've heard younger and older ages are enjoying it as well. Written by C.R. Fulton, who herself has lived the camping lifestyle with her family. They traveled the U.S. for over two years living out of their RV!

How awesome is that?

If you want adventure, these books take you on five absolutely action-packed adventures through the National Parks. To top that, kids are obsessed with the books and already waiting for the next 5-pack to be released. 

Join in as we highlight each of the five adventures you will encounter in the National Park Adventure pack. 

Book One: Grand Teton Stampede
Book Two: Smoky Mountain Survival
Book Three: Zion Gold Rush
Book Four: Rocky Mountain Challenge
Book Five: Grand Canyon Rescue

National Park Adventures Books

Ready to dive into five amazing National Park adventures? We've broken down each book so you can learn about each adventure to decide if you think it will make your kids "happy campers."

Book One: Grand Teton Stampede

Grand Teton Stampede is the first National Park Adventure from The Campground Kids. This book starts out in an imaginary enticing scene with Isaiah hiding from a dangerous animal behind a tree, only to be awoken from his imaginary play by his sister, Sadie. 

Sadie tells Isaiah to come into the house so mom and dad can disclose where they are going on their annual family vacation. With a kid who has a brilliant imagination and is sick of visiting the typical tourist city destinations, Isaiah hopes for a change of pace. 

He fears the news is bad news, but when his dad slips the words "camping" out of his mouth, Isaiah becomes ecstatic. 

Ready for his first National Park Adventure, Isaiah starts making checklists to be sure he is fully ready for his first-ever camping trip.

Book Two: Smoky Mountain Survival

In the second book of The Campground Kids, the adventure begins in Smoky Mountain National Park. 

This adventure is a little different for the kids. Upon arrival, they receive bear encounter training. Immediately, the kids know this camping trip won't be as "relaxed" as the previous trip. 

Isaiah finds himself lost in the woods with Sadie and a new friend they met at the campground. Isaiah steps up to be the protector, using his new training, he must get them all back safely in this action-packed National Park adventure.

Book Three: Zion Gold Rush

The kids are going on their very first "glamping" adventure right in Zion National Park. In case you didn't know, glamping is glamor and camping combined and typically refers to RV camping. 

In this adventure, the kids overhear their stargazing guide mentioning a story about an old hidden gold mine. Once the kids hear about this, suspicions and interest grow about this being just an old tale. 

After discovering a big pile of garbage followed by a stone with ancient-looking lettering carved on it, the kids find themselves searching for the goldmine themselves. 

Book Four: Rocky Mountain Challenge

This National Park adventure is booked on a last-minute decision by Mrs. Rawlings. She decides to send the kids to a weekend camp that is all about challenges and required a certain amount of camping hours to attend. 

Over their week’s stay, the kids will learn to master five skills making it possible to survive in almost any environment - helping them really become advanced campers. 

While at this camp, the kids find their cabins rummaged through and the cabins declare war on each other. Now, this trip turns into fierce competition during each challenge and all-out prank wars. 

Little do they know there is much more to the story of what was actually happening...There was another force at play, revenge... But, you'll have to read on to understand what we mean by that.

Book Five: Grand Canyon Rescue

In Grand Canyon Rescue, you will join The Campground Kids on a scavenger hunt that is sneakily set up by their parents.

This National Park adventure takes a big twist when the kids get stumped by a clue, that even their dad is alarmed by. A piece of fabric that says "Help me" on it becomes a cause for urgency.

The family jumps into a new scavenger hunt, trying to figure out if there is truly someone out in the Canyon that needs help. 

Are the National Park adventures in these books real?

The series is written as a fiction series to help spice up the storylines. But, some of the events in the stories are true! For example, the campground sites they stay at, and some of the concepts in the books actually happened in the National Parks. 

So, when you read these books, know that while there is some truth to them as well as camping tips, they are fiction books intended to captivate the attention of kids who like to camp. 

Ready for your National Park Adventure?

We hope you are excited to experience National Park Adventure through the first five books of the series. Once your kids start reading these, they are going to be either outside pretending to be on their own camping adventure like Isaiah in book one, or asking for you to take them on a real camping trip adventure!


Are there going to be more of The Campground Kids: National Park Adventures?

The Campground Kids series is going to focus on ten National Park Adventures and from there, they are going to jump into some new future adventures that will be super exciting for kids to read as well.

We expect there to be around twenty books in The Campground Kids book series. 


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