11 Benefits of Kids Chapter Book Series

Are you a parent looking for the best ways to get your kids excited to read? Are you a middle school teacher wondering how to encourage your students to keep reading? Are you a homeschool parent looking to inspire independent learning? 

Look no further! 

We are independent publisher, that focuses on kids chapter books that your 8-14 year old kids will fall in love with. Book series include kids camping books, mystery books, math detective books, sports books, hunting books, fishing books… and more are on the way. If your kids have any of these interests, they will love what we have to offer at our online store!

So, what are the benefits of a kids chapter book series?

Reading chapter book series comes with several benefits for kids. In this article we are going to cover the top benefits of reading chapter book series, and explain why kids generally enjoy series the most!

Advances in Reading Comprehension

Kids book series are able to get into greater detail of the characters’ lives. Kids are able to grow accustomed to the series’ setting, storytelling format, and types of storylines. This predictability serves as practice - thereby increasing a reader’s ability to comprehend what they are reading.

Caters to a Variety of Interests

Kids book series are often written according to genre and unique areas of interest. This means readers of all levels will likely be able to find a topic that appeals to them. Whether a space book for kids, mystery book for kids, camping book for kids, etc., readers will be able to explore subjects that they are excited to read about - including reluctant readers.

Storytelling Skills

Each book in a kids book series is written with a similar storytelling structure. This helps readers to understand the elements of storytelling, and enhances their written and even verbal storytelling skills. As readers grow accustomed to storytelling structure, their ability to write and tell stories improves, thereby contributing to an important social- emotional skill.

Keeps Kids Motivated to Read

Simply put, kids book series hold readers’ attention. Readers of all levels anticipate what will happen next. This anticipation sparks their imagination and creative thinking. Readers might talk to other readers about what they think will happen next… or what will come of their favorite characters. 

Critical Thinking, Real Life Decision Making, and Problem Solving

In kids book series, plots become more detailed and complex. As storylines become more complex, and characters must make increasingly challenging decisions, readers’ decision making and problem solving skills grow. Kids book series provide readers with the opportunity to experience, for the first time, nuanced emotions present in a “hero’s journey” - hence improving real life social and emotional skills.

Improved Patience, Concentration, and Academic Performance

Kids chapter book series present an opportunity to challenge a reader’s vocabulary, linguistic skills, more sophisticated sentence structure, understanding of context, and character growth. Appreciation of literature, becoming life-long readers, all contribute to advanced academic performance.

Shared Interests

With so many genres of kids book series available, odds are they will find friends who share their interests. Kids might be more apt to engage with their classmates, cousins, even their parents, and make new meaningful connections. In this way, even independent reading builds social skills.

Confidence and Comprehension

Kids book series build a certain sense of predictability. After two or three books in the series, readers have already gotten to know their characters, the story’s settings, and the author’s narrative style. This all builds confidence, and translates into more reading, writing, and improved academic performance. Each time a reader finishes a book in a given series, their confidence in reading increases, which leads to even more reading.

Develop Activities Around the Series

If your child loves a certain series, then create activities around that topic. For example, if they love camping, and read Bakken Books’ The Campground Kids, then go ahead and plan a camping trip! If your child loves Bakken Books’ Fishing Chronicles, then plan a fishing trip! These sorts of planned activities will help to bring the subject matter to life, and the shared activities will be fun!

Reading books increases empathy

Reading presents children with the opportunity to “step inside another’s mind.” Reading fiction puts us in the mind and experience of another person. This direct immersion stimulates the brain. Children who read book series develop a bond with their favorite characters - the opportunity to “meet them on their journey” again and again helps to increase the development of empathy. 

Helps Reluctant Readers

Seeing a book without pictures can be intimidating. Finishing a book can be a struggle. Kids chapter series help reluctant readers by presenting characters that they will have time to “get to know.” And by getting to know these characters, reluctant readers will gain a sense of comfort in the storyline. New books in the series aren’t totally new, so reluctant readers have a sense of understanding and connection to the story as the move through each book. And of course, kids book series pique the readers’ curiosity to find out…what will happen next?

Learn how inspire reluctant readers here.


Our Top 11 Picks For Kids Chapter Book Series that will get your 8-14 year old kids excited to read - and keep them reading!

Now that you know the benefits of reading chapter book series, we figured the least we could do was point you in the direction of some of the best chapter book series out there!

The Campground Kids, by C.R. Fulton

Five books filled with page-turning action, adventure, and mystery that kids can't put down! Follow Isaiah, Sadie, and Ethan as they embark on their journey through some of the country's most beautiful National Parks, where they will encounter thrilling action, heart-pounding adventure, and captivating mystery at every turn. The Campground Kids is a book series you don't want your eight to twelve year old to miss out on. Kids across the country can't get enough of this action-adventure series.

The Mystery Searchers, by Barry Forbes

Four teens fight crime and solve mysteries with the help of the local police. Throw in a bevy of high-tech tools – drones, GPS tracking tools, intruder alarms and listening bugs. Add virtues of leadership, courage, diligence, and perseverance. Then get ready for a clean, wholesome, fun read - one mystery after another! 

Space Bound, by R.J. Harbor

Join Monty, Ivory, and their trusty A.I. robot, Echo, in this epic space series! Launch into space on an exciting new mission to each planet in the Solar System. From the frigid deserts of Mars to the red storm of Jupiter, every planet presents a new adventure.

An epic quest to the stars and fun facts about each planet will ignite your child's imagination and curiosity. Whether they dream of becoming an astronaut or simply love a thrilling story, this captivating series will leave young readers eager to explore the wonders of the galaxy. Get ready to blast off into a world of fun, discovery, and limitless possibilities!

The Mysterious Benedict Society, by Trenton Lee Stewart

This 4 book series of mysteries begins when an odd advertisement appears in a local newspaper, calling for children to embark upon a secret mission. 4 of the children who respond to the challenge - Reynie, Kate, Sticky and Constance - have 3 things in common: they are all honest, skilled at solving mysteries, and orphans. Along the way, they discover “The Learning Institute for the Very Enlightened”, where they learn that there are no rules - which, ironically, is the institute’s only rule. 

My Side of the Mountain, by Jean Craighead George 

12 year old Sam Gribley escapes his New York City apartment to live in the wilderness of the Catskill Mountains, all on his own. This book (4 out of 5 in the series) is a story of survival; of the deep, resounding impact of nature and civilization on humankind.

The 39 Clues, by Rick Riordan 

We know how important it is to keep those reluctant readers turning page after page, and this 11 page adventure series will do just the trick! Dan and Amy are orphaned siblings on a quest to collect 39 clues in order to create the most powerful person on Planet Earth. Along the way, they discover some unexpected clues about their family history, and gain an understanding about their family’s past.

The 13th Reality, by James Dashner 

This adventurous children's fantasy series (book 4 out of 5) follows Atticus Higginbottom’s journey, after he gets an ominous letter that threatens the annihilation of reality as we know it. Atticus sets off on a quest to find the author of this letter, which leads him through alternate realities.

Dear America 

Each of these historical, young adult novels (30 of them!), published by Scholastic, details the lives of fictional girls who lived in America at different times in America’s history. Vast eras covered by this series include that of slavery, pioneering the Oregon Trail, and even a voyage on the Titanic. The stories are narrated in journal format, and are both educational and fun to read! 

OZ, by Frank L. Baum 

The Wonderful Wizard of Oz, written by Frank L. Baum and illustrated by W.W. Denslow, was originally published in 1900. The children’s novel is the first in a series of 14 “Oz” books (adapted into a musical in 1902). The first book chronicles the life of a teenage farm girl named Dorothy, and her journey through the magical Land of Oz. After she and her dog Toto are swept away from their Kansas home by cyclone, Dorothy finds herself in an unknown land, where she encounters new travel companions - the Scarecrow, Tin Man, and Lion. While journeying along a yellow-brick road, Dorothy and her new friends must defeat the Wicked Witch of the West in order for her to return to her family in Kansas. In doing so, they learn lessons in courage, heart, and self-reflection. Ultimately, Dorothy discovers “there’s no place like home.” The Wonderful Wizard of Oz is a fixture of American and world literature. Baum followed it up with thirteen additional Oz books and of course, in 1939, it became one of the most beloved of all American films. 

The Chronicles of Narnia, by C.S. Lewis

These fantasy novels are set in Narnia, where mythical creatures and talking beasts become friends and foes. Children are engaged in battles of good versus evil, while encountering challenges - both internal and external - that manifest in triumph or defeat.

Local Legends, by Lane Walker 

Five inspiring books for kids 8-14. Local Legends teaches valuable life lessons through exciting sports stories. Kids will love the characters and stories that will stick with them long after they've turned the last page. Make reading a fun and enriching experience for your child!

Sports included in the bundle: Baseball, Basketball, Football, Golf, Soccer. Life Lessons Taught in each book:

Book 1: Resilience, adversity, believe in yourself.
Book 2: Humility, teamwork, forgiveness.
Book 3: Perseverance, Effort, Faith over Fear
Book 4: Self-confidence, Believing in yourself
Book 5: Aversion to peer pressure, open-mindedness


How do I know when my child is ready for a chapter book series?

Many children will pick up kids chapter book series on their own. They express a natural interest in diving right in. Whether the story is an adventure, fantasy, or historical fiction, many children make the transition naturally. Other readers might need the encouragement to read. This is where kids chapter book series are so ideal - there are so many topics and genres to choose from.  

Characters in kids chapter books series face some complex issues, many of which mirror the issues middle school kids face in their daily lives. If your child is facing a challenge that isn’t normally discussed in a picture book, it might be time to look for a chapter book series in which the characters deal with a similar issue in a way that will be relatable. 

How might kids chapter book series be challenging for readers?

Kids chapter book series will provide readers with opportunities to learn new vocabulary words. Sentences tend to be structured in more complex ways, which will improve each reader’s use of language, and their writing skills. 

Kids chapter book series present storylines that are deeper and more complicated. The heroes of these stories reflect upon their circumstances, and their journeys are laden with twists and turns. This sort of exploration into character is challenging - but rewarding. And the twists and turns of the characters’ journeys will stimulate a reader’s imagination in ways that previous books have not. 

Are kids chapter book series suitable for reluctant readers?

Chapter book series are often ideal solutions for reluctant readers. One reason is because there are so many topics to choose from.  Another reason is that readers of book series get “more time” with their characters; the settings, themes, and storylines of each book in the series are recognizable, and this gives reluctant readers a sense of comfort. By following their favorite characters in a series, reluctant readers become invested in the bigger storylines and excited to read the next book’s adventures!   

What distinguishes Bakken kids chapter book series from other kids chapter books?

What distinguishes Bakken books is the company’s mission: to provide kids with wholesome chapter books that teach character lessons, core virtues, and strong moral values. Bakken books are family-friendly, and strive to provide content parents can trust and kids will love. There are close to a dozen Bakken book series, with so many different topics - your kids won’t be able to put these books down!


If you are a parent looking for the best ways to motivate your kids to read, or a middle school teacher seeking ways to encourage your students to keep reading, look no further than kids chapter books - particularly chapter book series. 

Kids chapter book series provide readers of all levels with the opportunity to get to know their characters, while becoming accustomed to settings, storylines, and storytelling structure. Readers of these series will become eager to find out “what happens next”, and even the most reluctant readers will excitedly pick up the next book in the series. If you’re interested in motivating your kids to read, and making sure they continue reading, pick up a kids chapter book series. Your kids will thank you!

How do you motivate your kids to read? Have you used kids chapter books at home, while homeschooling, or in your classroom? What was the experience like? 


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